Старт курса:
28 January 2021
Mon, Wed, Fri from 18:30-20:30
12 hours
2 hours/ 3 times pro week
Осталось мест:
1600 UAH
Databases/SQL for QA
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This course was awaited by novice testers and programmers! Two-week express database. SQL courses will help you understand basic terminology and queries. Testers will learn how databases are built, how data is stored in them, and how the simplest queries on tables are formed to retrieve data. The main thing is that as a result, even a beginner specialist will not be afraid to be allowed to the bases - he will not break anything.
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  • For beginner software testers, QA
  • for graduates QA courses
  • for Developers who want to systematize their SQL knowledge
  • for those who want to update their knowledge of SQL of the latest versions



  • Use SQL in various aspects of testing
  • Сreate simple queries
  • Become familiar with the terminology

Basic knowledge of SQL is already required from Junior QA, but this topic is not touched upon in standard programs. Therefore, we have brought the most relevant topics into the express course.

You can dig into textbooks and study everything yourself. It can take two months. Or you can contact the professionals, and they will help in 2 weeks. So come to SQL courses!

о курсе
Программа курса
  • Теоретические основы реляционных баз данных
    1. Database objects
    2. General terminology
    3. Forms, representations
  • Threat Modeling
    1. Installation, standard actions
  • SQL theory
  • Select queries, conditions, sorting
  • Grouping, counting, comparison queries
  • Union queries, subqueries
Dmytro Gmyrak
Senior Engineer at Telesens IT , his department specializes in working with various databases, using SQl technologies, Oracle fresh versions. For a long time he mentored juniors, and now he is ready to scale teaching to wider audiences. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the Karazin Kharkiv National University and has over 10 years of programming experience.