Старт курсу:
22 March 2022
Tu, Th, 18:30-20:00 and Sat 12:00-13:30
36 hours
1,5 hours/ 3 times a week
Лишилось місць:
4400*/4800 UAH

English for IT – applied technical English for IT

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English For IT Intermediate - IT English in Kharkov from Telesens Academy.

Teaching written technical English for IT in conjunction with spoken. The course is based on the ISTQB (Foundation, Advanced, Expert levels) vocabulary.

This intensive technical English course for IT is designed for those who already speak the language at an intermediate level, but want to improve their knowledge of terminology.

The course materials are based on excerpts from technical specifications, reports, reports and other IT texts.

Here you can practice writing skills, reading documentation with professional terms, and also learn how to communicate with customers in English correctly.

English in the IT field is not just a line on your resume, but a vital skill!
* Price for Telesens Academy graduates - 4400 UAH.

подати заявку
for whom course ENGLISH FOR IT?
  • for those, who have passed our testing courses QA Core и QA Junior
  • for those, whose level of English is Intermediate
  • for those, who want to enrich their lexicon with IT terms and raise the chances of employment in IT
  • for IT specialists (PM, Dev, Sales, QA), who need to learn English for job
  • for all willing to get a result and turnkey solutions from the team of Telesens Academy
of knowing IT English:
  • ncreases the chance of finding work/job(90% of Ukrainian IT companies work for American and European market)
  • a lot of offers are opened on the worldwide labor market
  • more effective communication with foreign clients and colleagues, clear understanding of technical documentation
  • the ability to claim for higher salary($) and career growth
  • your classmates – IT specialists, and that means the circle of acquaintances in the professional community will expand, which is especially useful for beginning IT specialists

Attention! Before you apply for course check your general level of English! Recommended level of English for passing the course – Intermediate.




о курсе
Программа курсу
  • use of grammar of language to certain documents and fieldsПрименение грамматики языка к конкретным документам и полям
  • The rules of businesslike chat
  • expansion of lexicon 300+ IT terms and mastering of stable expressions of software engineering
  • General questions and answers during the interview — in English
  • Translating a CV to english
  • Speaking, speaking once more speaking about everything from IT sphere
  • stepping over psychological barrier — fear of speaking in English in IT
  • Working on selfpresentation, defense of your point of view and settling conflicts
  • discussing of the idea of the project, thinking over features and functional
  • different activities from the process of development of Software
  • daily lexicon and professional IT terminology for communication
  • Agile methodology of project management: Scrum и Kanban on practice
  • specialized content only with binding to IT: video, audio, texts and dialogues
  • discussions and games, meetings and much more in English for QA and other IT specialists
Professional English teacher. Has a pedagogical education. She graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in 2015 with honors, from the same year she has been working in the field of education. She has experience in teaching foreign languages ​​at a school and experience in tutoring with IT specialists. He teaches English to Telesens IT staff and Telesens Academy. In the classroom, she uses effective methods that make the learning process easy, interesting and fun.