Старт курса:
07 September 2021
Evening: Tu, Th 18:30-20:30
and Sat 12:00-14:00
60 hours
2 hours/ 3 times a week
Осталось мест:
7900 UAH/4200*3

GameDev Core ONLINE – basic course Game developers

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Basic course GameDev Core to enter the profession Game developer. Do you like games? Want to learn how to develop them? Then join us! Telesens Academy presents a course on developing games on the Unreal Engine, a course suitable for beginners who are completely unfamiliar with developing games and is the first step in the development of games. The course includes the theory and basic practice of development under the Unreal Engine. During the course, you will work as a real Game developer, getting theory and practical experience. Learn UE4, the basics of working with 3D and Blueprint for graphics. Find out why you need C ++ in UE4. Skills gained after successfully completing the course will allow you to create games on the Unreal Engine.
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Who is this course for?
  • for those who love games and want to learn how to design them
  • for those who want to change profession to GameDev developer
  • who wants to get a high paying profession
  • those who want to occupy a new niche in GameDev
The advantage of the course GameDev Core from Telesens Academy
  • we are the first courses in Kharkov, which teach the development on the Unreal Engine
  • teacher is a practicing developer and CEO of the company«SomniumGame»
  • for the best students who have completed the course, guaranteed internship in the company
  • on internship work on real projects
  • at the end of the course you will receive a real project that can be used in the summary


о курсе
Программа курса
  • What is GameDev
  • first acquaintance UE4
  • 3D и UE4 - types of projects
  • Other development programs
  • Specialties in 3D
  • OOP idea of games
  • 3D Soft
  • Визуалка в UE4
  • Blueprint - first code
  • Blueprint for graphics
  • pluggins
  • materials and effects creating
  • Why is С++ needed in UE4. First code with С++
  • how does the server part works
  • Apply skills. Creating a scene. Part 1
  • Apply skills. Creating a scene. Part 2
  • Project compilation
  • Learning outcomes
Вадим - Co-Founder & CEO в SomniumGame. Специализируется в разработке кросс-платформерных игр в UE4, а также серверной разработкой Telegram-ботов. Более 4 лет опыта разработки в GameDev и владеет такими языками программирования, как С++, PHP, Node.Js, Java, Objective-C. Образование: Харьковский национальный университет радиоэлектроники, магистр компьютеризированных систем управления и автоматики.