Старт курса:
08 November 2021
Tue, Thu с 18:30-20:30 и Sat с 12:00-14:00
4,5 months
2 часа/ 3 раза в неделю
Осталось мест:
15500 UAH/4200*4

GameDev Junior ONLINE practical course in game development on the Unreal Engine

Начало через:
д ч м с
The GameDev Junior course is the main stage of the program for the training of gamedev programmers, after its completion, employment in the partner company Somnium Game is guaranteed. The program fully meets the company's requests for novice specialists. It includes 3 interconnected modules: textures and animation, game logic and interface interface. During this time, master the theory and basic practice of development for Unreal Engine, study UE4, the basics of working with 3D and Blueprint for graphics, and also learn why you need C ++ in UE4 - and you can immediately start real projects for developing games on the Unreal engine Engine.
Payment in installments per month is possible - 4200 UAH per month.
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Who is the GameDev Junior course suitable for?
  • who dreams of developing computer games
  • computer science students who lack hands-on training
  • who is already programming but wants to change direction to GameDev
  • who wants to take a niche in GameDev and IT
TOP 3 arguments in favor of the course
  • first courses in Kharkov, where they teach development on the Unreal Engine
  • no need to carry a laptop for training, Telesens Academy has suitable computers
  • GameDev course is suitable for beginners, you just need to know the basics of programming at least in theory, we will help with the rest
Employment after the program is a reality!
  • is taught by Vadim Onishko. Senior Developer & CEO SomniumGame
  • it will definitely keep you interested in the basic course, so you stay on the main module,
  • graduates of the main module are offered an internship in the company “SomniumGame”
о курсе
Программа курса
  • Textures and animations (48 hours)
    1. Creating simple materials
    2. Building complex shaders
    3. Instance creation
    4. Landscape materials
    5. A closer look at SkeletalMesh
    6. Introducing AnimGraph
    7. Introducing Blendspace
  • Game logics (80 hours)
    1. Designing game mechanics
    2. Versatility
    3. Basic mechanics
    4. AI
    5. C ++ and Blueprint interoperability
    6. Network modes
  • Interface (20 hours)
    1. Basic elements for creating an interface
    2. Interaction of mechanic with interface
    3. Animating interfaces
Vadim - Co-Founder & CEO at SomniumGame. Specializes in the development of cross-platform games in UE4, as well as server development of Telegram spam search engines. More than 4 years of development experience in GameDev and has such programming languages ​​as C ++, PHP, Node.Js, Java, Objective-C. education: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Master of Computer Control Systems and Automation.