individually, upon request
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500 UAH/hour

HR Consulting – individual coaching sessions on job search in IT

Assistance in finding employment after QA courses. During the sessions, the team leader, who has repeatedly hired testers, will guide you through the entire job search process, help you find hidden job openings, compile and / or analyze your resume, prepare you for various types of interviews, interview you for a job and sort out mistakes in your job search. . The main task of the coach - to help you successfully find a job in the company in the position of QA Junior. You can complete the entire course program, or select topics that interest you and disassemble them at a meeting with a coach. Everything is agreed individually.
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  • for those who passed our practical testing course QA Junior, and wants to get professional help in fast job search in IT
  • for those who want to learn how to present themselves in an interview
  • for those who want to get advice on resume writing after QA courses
  • you will get a correct and selling resume
  • learn about job search chips proven on real cases
  • learn about job search chips proven on real cases
  • you will know the answers to the most tricky questions from with HR-s and technical specialists
  • increase your chances of getting your first job in IT
о курсе
Программа курса
  • Coaching Session 1
    1. personal analysis of job seeker situation
    2. Information collection
    3. mistakes parsing
    4. personal education planning (time and place)
  • Coaching session 2
    1. CV analysis
    2. Typical mistakes
    3. Making CV
    4. Profiles in social networks
  • Coaching session 3
    1. Job Search
    2. Searching in social network
    3. CV distribution
    4. preparing for interview
    5. Job Search Recommendations
  • Coaching session 4 and 5
    1. Different types of interviews passage
    2. technical CV
    3. Useful chips
    4. Problem analysis and help in his decision
Александр – Senior Software Tester, ментор. Проводит коучинг-сессии поиска работы для выпускников QA курсов. Александр, QA Team Lead at Namecheap. Имеет 5+ лет опыта в тестировании ПО и 2,5+ года QA Team Lead. Провел 50+ собеседований. Работал тестировщиком, инженером обеспечения качества, тест-дизайнером, QA-менеджером. Сфера интересов: коучинг, карьерное консультирование в QA.
"Приложенные усилия окупятся сполна — уверен Александр!"