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26 August 2089
Self-preparation course
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IT Fundamentals – general knowledge for IT

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IT Fundamentals is a free remote learning course for self-study. It will be useful to all those who want to become part of the IT sphere. The course is a list of topics and useful sources that will help you get a general representation and understanding of the basics. Do not waste time, learn the fundamental knowledge yourself and come to our professional QA courses in Kharkov: QA Core  ⋅ QA Junior ⋅ QA Mobile ⋅ QA Advanced ⋅ QA Java Automation
Why do you need this course??
  • The purpose of the course is to help everyone who wants to gain general knowledge in IT, lay the foundation and broaden their horizons for further effective training in our QA courses
  • This knowledge will be useful to you when studying further professional IT courses at the Telesens Academy training center – QA Core, QA Junior
  • To expand your horizons, study basic definitions and a list of technologies
general knowledge for IT


о курсе

There is no need to enroll in the IT Fundamentals course, since this course is for self-study.
You follow the course plan, "google" the topics indicated on the course page, study the materials. IT Fundamentals is aimed at an introduction to the specialty, not at detailed study of topics and preparing you for a professional career.
Программа курса
  • PC architecture
    1. The history of the development of computer technology
    2. Architecture Von Heyman
    3. Basic PC elements
    4. HT: Selection of PC configuration (search for equipment in online stores), PC configuration definition
  • PC architecture. Principles of operation and interaction
    1. CPU, bus and memory cache
    2. Addressing in RAM and Hard Drives
    3. Basic Input / Output System (BIOS)
    4. HT: Configuring Basic BIOS Settings
  • 3-4. Basics of operating systems (OS)
    1. The history of the OS
    2. Modern OS. Their types and features of application
    3. OS for different subject areas
    4. Basics of Windows Administration
    5. HT: Setting Windows system parameters
  • 5-7. Computer Networking Basics
    1. Classification of information and computer networks
    2. The evolution of computer networks
    3. Peer-to-peer and client-server networks
    4. Levels and Protocols
    5. Ways of switching
    6. Basic principles of building a computer network
    7. Protocols and addressing TCP / IP, FTP
    8. Format and Assign IP Address
    9. Host concept
    10. DNS System
    11. Commands ipconfig, route
    12. HT: Console network configuration commands in Windows OS
  • 8-10. Basics of relational databases and MySQL DBMS
    1. Database concept
    2. Basic database models
    3. Basics of the relational data model
    4. Basic SQL statements
    5. SQL queries
    6. Data modification
    7. HT: Creating, deleting, editing the database, writing simple queries.
  • 11-12. Basics of programming and OOP
    1. Basic principles of programming
    2. Block diagram and algorithms (use case diagrams)
    3. Basic principles of OOP
    4. Basic data types in programming
    5. HT: Description and reading of algorithms, the use of basic data types
  • 13. Web technologies
    1. HTML and CSS basics
    2. Java Script
    3. Ajax
    4. PHP
    5. Ruby
    6. HT: Performing tasks on the web simulator
  • 14. Google services
    1. Google Drive (Disk) - Cloud Technology
    2. Gmail - mail service
    3. DZ: Create an account on Gmail, install and explore the features of Google Drive