Старт курса:
19 October 2020
Mo, We 18:30-20:30 and Sat 9:00-11:00
36 hours
2 hours/3 times a week
Осталось мест:
3200*/3600 UAH
QA Advanced tools for QA
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The course of basic test automation is a continuation of our comprehensive manual testers training program. The course is simple and clear, it helps to study the automation tools that can be used in work. And if you are still in search of work, this course will help you expand the range of skills and pave a reliable path to mastering automated testing. If you want to increase your skills, but you are not ready to learn programming yet, we suggest starting with studying automation tools!
*Price for graduates of Telesens Academy - 3200 UAH.
Our courses of QA Automation: QA Java Automation ⋅ English Pre Development ⋅ English for IT  
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For who is the course of basic automation?

  • for those, who have passed our practical course of testingQA Junior, who wants to understand web-device, basics of stack of web technologies and make first steps int QA Automation
  • for Manual QA, who want to learn automation tools (HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, xPath, JMeter, Selenium IDE) and use them in their work
  • to expand the skills of manual testers who are looking for work
  • for Manual QA, who want to increase their skills, but are not yet ready to learn programming on Java
of knowing basis of automation:
  • more chances to pass a technical interview after manual testing courses and get a job
  • opportunities for development and career growth from Manual QA to Automation QA
  • simplification of tasks at work required for testing software products



о курсе
Программа курса
  • Networks - Basic Concepts
    1. Topology of Net
    2. OSI model
    3. TCP/IP model
    4. addressing(IP, MAC)
    5. DNS
  • Internet
    1. Hosting, domain
    2. protocol HTTP:
    3. —protocol scheme
    4. — query composition, query types (GET, POST etc.)
    5. — server responses
    6. Cashing, Cookie
    7. URI, URL, URN
  • Version Control Systems
    1. Git — Main abilities
  • HTML
    1. Structure, main elements, encodings
    2. Basic tags, attributes
    3. Tables Forms
  • Regexp
    1. Basic syntax of regular expressions, examples, usage
  • CSS
    1. Structure, comments, main styles
    2. Types of selectors, relationships, filters
  • xPath
    1. Document tree
    2. syntax
    3. axis
  • Basics of JS
    1. JS abilities
    2. connecting
    3. Commands, comments
    4. variables, data types
    5.  operators
    6. Alert windows
    7. Constructions if, switch, cycles
    8. JS functions
    9. Arrays, Functions, Events
    10. DOM- BOM- models
    11. Elements of the document
    12. Form elements
  • jQuery
    1. Adding jQuery to pages
    2. jQuery commands
    3. JQuery main selectors
    4. filters
  • Browsers Web Application Structure
    1. Developer tools, hotkeys
    2. Web sites. Types, classification
    3. Web application. Structure, two-tier architecture, three-tier architecture
    4. Web services. Characteristics, types, standards
  • Katalon recorder (Selenium IDE)
    1. Installation
    2. Launch, toolbar, documentation
    3. Command language
    4. Finding items
    5. Record and play tests
  • JMeter
    1. Installation
    2. Elements of the test plan, groups of threads, graphics
    3. Script Recording (Test Script Recorder)
    4. Installing plugins
    5. Stress Testing
    6. Testing Web Services (Rest & Soap)
Сергей Корниенко
Сергей Корниенко — отличный преподаватель и практик. Уже более 10-ти лет в IT, последние три года занимается наставничеством и подготовкой IT специалистов. Специализируется на автоматизации тестирования ПО.
Образование: Харьковский национальный университет радиоэлектроники.