Старт курса:
28 February 2022
Mon, Wed, Fri 18:30-20:30

30 hours (5 weeks)
2 hours/3 times a week
Осталось мест:
4500 UAH

QA Advanced tools for QA

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A course for Manual QA who plan to develop professionally, learn how to use tools for testing software at work. On the course, you will get to know the device of the web, networks, learn the possibilities of Git and the basic tools of a tester: HTML, CSS, Fiddler, Regexp, Xpath , JavaScript, Rest & Soap, which can be used in work. And for those who are still looking for work, the course will help expand their professional skill set. In addition, get a basic knowledge of load testing and API testing with JMeter. More knowledge means more possibilities!
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Who is this course for?

  • for Junior QA Engineer who want to develop professionally
  • for Manual QA who want to learn QA tester tools and use them in their work
  • for graduates of QA courses from other schools who lack skills for employment
  • those who want to get away from routine to more interesting tasks and salaries
Why learn tester tools?
  • learn to work with API
  • learn the basics of load testing with JMeter
  • the opportunity to plunge deeper into automated software testing for beginners and come to us for the QA Java Automation course
  • the opportunity to go through the next stage of professional development
  • after this course, you can safely go to your Team Lead for more difficult tasks and a salary increase
  • on the course, they teach the skills that the leading IT companies of Ukraine require from manual QA



о курсе
This course is a continuation of our comprehensive training program for manual testers. In just 5 weeks, an experienced Senior QA will explain everything that you planned to study yourself, but everything did not work out due to the abundance of information.

Within the framework of the training:

- you will analyze many types of networks, work out their structure

- HTML. Do you know what this framework is that holds the entire Web? How do I test it? What tasks he takes upon himself, what happens if he does not cope with them

- CSS. What are these styles? They will show you and explain what CSS is for, why it is cascading and how it works

- Consider the basics of JavaScript, where it lives, how it works, use cases, what happens when it crashes? How strong is it?

- Explains the DOM, selectors, web page elements, and web forms. Work with them, learn to access and inspect them

- API Testing Tools Applications: Postman, SOAPUI, Jmeter
Программа курса
  • Internet
    1. Hosting, domain
    2. Caching, Cookie
    3. URI, URL, URN
  • Basics of the HTTP protocol, basic methods and return codes
    1. Topology
    2. OSI / TCP model
    3. IP, MAC. Addressing
    4. DNS
  • Version control systems
    1. Git - Key Features
  • HTML basics
    1. Structure, main elements, encodings, main tags, attributes, tables, forms
  • Fundamentals, approaches, using browser capabilities for debugging and console, applications like Fiddler
  • Regexp
    1. Basic regular expression syntax, examples, usage
  • CSS
    1. Structure, comments, basic styles. Types of selectors, (locators) relations, filters
  • XPath
    1. Xpath - shorthand syntax, pros, cons, use in Jmeter and Webdrive
  • Browsers. Web application structure
    1. Developer tools, hotkeys
    2. Websites - types, classification
    3. Web services - characteristics, types, standards browsers dev-tools, wireshark monitoring TCP traffic, Fiddler
  • JS Basics
    1. JS features
    2. Connection. Commands, comments
    3. Variables, data types
    4. Operators
    5. Alert windows
    6. If, swith, loops
    7. JS functions
    8. Arrays, functions, events
    9. DOM- BOM- models
    10. Document elements
    11. Form elements
  • Web services. API Testing (Rest & Soap)
    1. Web application - framework, two-tier architecture, three-tier architecture
  • API Testing Tools Applications: Postman, SOAPUI, Jmeter
Sergey is an excellent teacher and practitioner. Experienced QA General, more than 5 years in WDevs , more than 10 years in IT, successfully mentors newcomers. Education: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.