Старт курса:
15 March 2021
Mon, Wed, Fri from 9:00-11:00;
Mon, Wed, Fri from 18:30-20:30;
24 hours (1 month)
2 hours/ 3 times in the week
Осталось мест:
3200 UAH
Course QA CORE
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Course QA core is the intensive course, includining in yourself theory and basic practice. Prosses, documents, part in testing, trening of big count of reports and work with bug-tracker Jira, what to undestand what is the manual testing software.
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For whom is that QA core course?
  • for students, who want to work and make money
  • IT experts (PM and Sales – appreciation of market-value)
  • for whom, who want to change profession and become QA Engineer
Advantages to be a tester (QA) :
  • more easier entrance in IT in comparison with programming
  • easy to learn this profession
  • self-realization and involvement in interesting projects
  • IT experts is always demand
  • the world of high technologies and big salaries ($)
  • possibility of career advancement from QA Manual to QA Automation, Dev, PM and business analyst


о курсе
Программа курса
  • 1.Introduction in testing
    1. Terminology
    2. The concept of testing
    3. Aims and tasks of testing
    4. Practice: SWEBoK, ISTQB
  • 2.The baseline models of working-out with software
    1. Development cycle
    2. Models: waterfall model, V-type, spiral model, iterative model
    3. Development methodology of software
    4. The place of testing on different development stages
    5. Competencies of tester
    6. Practice: Analysis of companies, vacancies, choice of the model for different software
  • 3-4. Classification of testing types
    1. The types of tasting
    2. Designation and principles of specified by kind
    3. Designation and principles of specified by kind
    4. Practice: ISTQB, examples types on athematic objects
  • 5. Breakage.
    1. Lifetime
    2. Attribute
    3. Principles and examples of specification
    4. The systems of bug-tracking
    5. Practice: making of bugs, study of attribute
  • 6-7. Test documentation
    1. Test Plan
    2. Test Case
    3. Check List
    4. Practice: creation of documents, work with patterns
  • 8. Tasting of requirements and documentation
    1. Types of requirements
    2. Stages of work with requirements
    3. Quality criteria of requirements and documents
    4. Specification
    5. The structure of specification with IEEE 830 and RUP
    6. Traceability matrix
    7. Practice: forming and analysis of specification
  • 9. Basics of test design
    1. Equivalence partitioning
    2. Equivalence partitioning
    3. Decision table
    4. Functional criteria
    5. Criterion focused on code
    6. The other criterion for text choice
    7. Measures of testing
    8. Practice: compose the text matter by different ways
  • 10. Testing of mobile and web application
    1. Concept of Web application
    2. Structure and principles
    3. Singularity of tasting
    4. Instruments for tasting
    5. Methods equivalence class and boundary value
    6. Singularity of tasting for mobile applications
    7. Basic mobile platform
    8. Instruments of tasting
    9. Practice: Search and documentability of mistakes
  • 11. The examination
    1. Test-examination (2 variants, each of them consist of 10-tests+complete answers)
  • Analysis of exam results. Delivery of certificatePresentation of certificate
Aleksey has been teaching QA since 2006 at the university. In Telesens Academy since 2012. He has a huge experience of participation in different projects of IT companies. Such experience allows Alexey to explain the theory competently and correctly, to ground his explain on practice Has skills in such technologies and instrument: .NET, C #, C ++, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, VirtualBox, RSA, AES and others. He has experience in testing mobile applications. Pursue a trainings and consultations for IT companies. Sphere of interests: teaching, software testing, programming, information security and operating systems.
"Well, let`s go! We have a lot of material!"
Vyacheslav Karpenko is a software testing teacher, courses QA Core, QA Junior. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching differents information disciplines, including testing. Sphere of interests in IT: analytics, testing, databases, artificial-intelligence technologies.
"To reach the goal, you have to go!"