Старт курса:
20 October 2020
Tu, Th с 18:30-21:00
60 hours
2,5 hours/ 2 times a week
Осталось мест:
6500*/7500 UAH
QA Java Automation — AUTOMATION with JAVA from the beginning
Начало через:
д ч м с
We invite manual testers who want to expand their skills, increase their market value, start developing in the direction of test automation, become a QA Automation Tester.
*If you pay immediately for the entire course the price is 6500 UAH.
QA Core ⋅ QA Junior ⋅ QA AutoCore ⋅ QA AutoJava ⋅ ITEnglish
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  • for graduates of our basic automation course QA Automation Core
  • for Manual QA who want to expand skills and increase their value in the labor market($)
  • for Manual QA, who are interested in exploring the Selenium WebDriver tool and using it in testing
  • for everyone to learn the basics of Java programming from scratch, to gain practical knowledge and develop in the direction of QA Automation


  • quickly mastered profession, if there is a great desire to learn automation courses
  • QA Automation – IT direction demanded, the industry constantly needs personnel
  • opportunities for development and career growth, automatics wages are several times higher than that of manual testers
  • average income QA Automation in Kharkov, according to the site DOU — 1200$
  • simplification of tasks at work required for quality control of software products
о курсе
Программа курса
  • Java - 35 hours:
    1. Introduction, IDE installation, first program
    2. Data Types, Variables
    3. Operations, control operators, cycles
    4. Arrays, strings
    5. Objects Constructors, methods, inheritance, class Object
    6. Packages and interfaces annotations
    7. Exception Handling
    8. Generalizations, parametrization
    9. Collections
    10. Nested classes. Lambda expressions
    11. Work with files (logging)
    12. Database and SQL Language
    13. Maven
  • QA Automation - 25 hours:
    1. What is test automation? Approaches. Techniques. AutoTest structure
    2. Basics Selenium WebDriver / Testing Web Applications
    3. Locators, XPath, СSS
    4. TestNG, JUnit
    5. Patterns: PageObject, PageFactory
    6. Test Framework
    7. BDD, DDT, KDT
    8. Service Testing — REST, SOAP (groovy)
    9. Jenkins
    10. Final project
Олег Афанасьев — Senior Java Developer в Telesens IT , также занимается обучением сотрудников внутри компании. Отличный преподаватель-практик. Более 10 лет опыта работы в IT. Владеет такими технологиями: JUnit, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Tomcat, Selenium, GIT. DBMS: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL. A также языками программирования: Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP. Сфера интересов — преподавание. Образование: Харьковский национальный университет имени В. Н. Каразина.