Старт курса:
14 March 2022
Mon, Wed, Fri from 16:00-18:00;
Tue, Thu from 18:30-20:30 and Sat from 11:00-13:00
60 hours
2 hour/ 3 times in the week
Осталось мест:
8200 UAH/4500*2

Step 2. QA JUNIOR – TESTING COURSES: 100% practice and testing tools

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QA Junior courses - manual testing or Manual QA on desktop and web projects that are close to working conditions.

QA Junior is the second stage of training in testing and is suitable for those who have already managed to learn the basics of QA.

Covers mobile app testing, game testing, networking fundamentals, learning about Git and basic tester tools: HTML, CSS, Fiddler, Regexp, XPath, JavaScript, Rest & Soap, which are what the company demands from Junior QA.

After the course, you will cope with the test task at the interview and have every chance of becoming a manual QA, getting your first job in IT.

Our final tests are based on technical specifications in IT companies.

Graduates of the QA Core course, graduates of other IT schools who have passed basic testing courses and who lack practical skills for employment, or anyone with basic knowledge of QA can be enrolled in the course.
* When paid monthly price - 4500 UAH. per month.

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For whom that QA Junior course?
  • for those, who have finished our basic QA Core course of testing QA Core
  • for those, who have finished QA courses from other learning centers and lack shortage practical skills for job placement
  • for everyone who wants, who have basics QA and want to get practical knowladges and make a big move to post of QA Engineer
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Advantages to be QA Engineer:
  • it easy to learn a trade with  QA Core + QA Junior
  • possibility of career progress Manual QA to QA Automation
  • QA is the demand IT direction, the industry constantly needs personnel
  • average earnings Manual QA in Kharkiv according to site DOU is 900$ DOU — 900$
  • opportunity to work all over the world
  • interesting projects and self-realization in your profession



о курсе
QA Junior, QA Kharkiv courses are a practical stage in learning testing and are suitable for those who have already mastered manual testing and have basic QA skills.

On the course:
- test two projects, from idea and requirements to release

- work out the structure of the web and network

- you will understand HTML, what tasks it takes upon itself, what happens if it does not cope with them

- they will show you and explain why to us need CSS, why they are cascading, and how they work

- Learn JavaScript Basics

- Explore Git Features

- Explore API Testing Tools

- Get advice on finding your first IT job from QA Team Lead

If you are looking for tester courses with possible employment - you are here.
Программа курса
  • Preparation to the work
    1. Tuning of team-work and  workflow process
    2. The system of bug-tracking Jira, Redmine
    3. 16Bugs: authorising, configuring, practice with write in bug reports
  • Documentation testing
    1. Primary approaches and strategies
    2. Work with requirements
    3. Testing of requirements
  • Work with Test Plan
    1. Bases of creation Test Plan
    2. Strategy and selection criteria of testing types
    3. Example of the Test Plan
  • Test artifacts
    1. Engineering and design of Test Cases and Check List
    2. Techniques of test design
  • Testing of full value of the web project
    1. From testing of requirements to resolution about quality
  • Examination
    1. (We simulate tasks of real job interview, execution of test tasks)
  • HR-lecture
    1. Consultation about career building in IT
  • Final lesson
    1. Analysis of exam results. Delivery of certificate
  • Internet
    1. Hosting, domain
    2. Caching, Cookie
    3. URI, URL, URN
  • Basics of the HTTP protocol, basic methods and return codes
    1. Topology
    2. OSI / TCP mode
    3. IP, MAC. Addressing
    4. DNS
  • Version control systems
    1. Git - Key Features
  • HTML basics
    1. Structure, main elements, encodings, main tags, attributes, tables, forms
  • Fundamentals, approaches, using browser capabilities for debugging and console, applications like Fiddler
  • Regexp
    1. Basic regular expression syntax, examples, usage
  • CSS
    1. Structure, comments, basic styles. Types of selectors, (locators) relations, filters
  • XPath
    1. Xpath - shorthand syntax, pros, cons, use in Jmeter and Webdrive
  • Browsers. Web application structure
    1. Developer tools, hotkeys
    2. Websites - types, classification
    3. Web services - characteristics, types, standards browsers dev-tools, wireshark monitoring TCP traffic, Fiddler
  • JS Basics
    1. JS features
    2. Connection. Commands, comments
    3. Variables, data types
    4. Operators
    5. Alert windows
    6. If, swith, loops
    7. JS functions
    8. Arrays, functions, events
    9. DOM- BOM- models
    10. Document elements
    11. Form elements
  • Web services. API Testing (Rest & Soap)
    1. Web application - framework, two-tier architecture, three-tier architecture
  • API Testing Tools Applications: Postman, SOAPUI, Jmeter
  • HR lecture
    1. Consultation on finding a first job in IT from QA Team Lead
Aleksey has been teaching QA since 2006 at the university. In Telesens Academy since 2012. He has a huge experience of participation in different projects of IT companies. Such experience allows Alexey to explain the theory competently and correctly, to ground his explain on practice Has skills in such technologies and instrument: .NET, C #, C ++, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, VirtualBox, RSA, AES and others. He has experience in testing mobile applications. Pursue a trainings and consultations for IT companies. Sphere of interests: teaching, software testing, programming, information security and operating systems.
"Well, let`s go! We have a lot of material!"
Vyacheslav is a software testing teacher, courses QA Core, QA Junior. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching differents information disciplines, including testing. Sphere of interests in IT: analytics, testing, databases, artificial-intelligence technologies.
"To reach the goal, you have to go!"
Sergey is an excellent teacher and practitioner. Experienced QA General, more than 5 years in WDevs , more than 10 years in IT, successfully mentors newcomers. Education: Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics.