Старт курса:
06 December 2019
Fr 19:00-21:30
15 hours
2,5 hours/ 1 time a week
Осталось мест:
1500 UAH

Soft Skills – non technical skills for working in IT

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Soft Skills - the necessary skill to work in IT. A newcomer to an IT company feels like a child learning to swim. Junior flounders in new tasks and struggles to swim, picking up pace and speed. But the more prepared he is, the easier and faster he will cope with stress and “catch the wave”. Soft Skills or flexible skills bring us 80% of our professional and personal effectiveness and, accordingly, our salary directly depends on them. To help learn non-technical skills, we invite you to take the Soft Skills course.
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Who is the soft skills course for?
  • for those who want to learn non-technical skills for working in IT
  • for those who want to learn how to present themselves in an interview and increase their chances of employment after the IT courses
  • for own business owners and project managers
  • opportunity to improve the skills of self-presentation and delivering your ideas to the employer or potential customer
  • the ability to more effectively structure information and make decisions based on it
  • increase of professional and personal efficiency on which your income directly depends
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Программа курса
  • 1. Basic communication
    1. The first lesson of the course is dedicated to basic communications.
    2. can you always: tell your interlocutor about your interests?
    3. Ask questions? Give productive feedback?
  • 2. Conflicts. Introduction
    1. The second lesson of the course on how to choose a strategy of behavior in negotiations and conflicts and implement it
    2. about how they are not afraid of conflict and see in them a new round of development
  • 3. Planning and time management
    1. The third meeting of the course is devoted to the philosophy and planning tools.
  • 4. Work with information and decision making
    1. how to structure information and make effective decisions based on the data
  • 5. Public speaking and presentations
    1. how to create presentations and speak in public
  • 6. Project thinking
    1. how to design a work team and how to pump it
    2. team management skills
Александра Руденко
Академический подход к преподаванию курса обеспечивает Александра Руденко, психолог, педагог, опытный консультант по последипломному обучению.
Она сотрудничала с рядом крупных компаний и знает, как помочь людям справиться с трудностями на работе и в повседневной жизни.
Работала с такими организациями, как Приватбанк, Sigma, Artjoker, Altexsoft, Bristarstudio, Nika Entertainment, Source IT.
Ее актуальные проекты — Telesens Academy, Школа психологии LARUS, Клуб репетиторов, IT-Univer.
"Делайте свою жизнь ярче — учитесь!"