TELESENS ACADEMY — is the first IT courses in Kharkiv
Our goal is prepearing people with right thought, who ready solve any tasks in any projects!
We are professional courses of testing №1 and one of the first IT courses in Kharkiv. A comprehensive program of courses consisting of several consecutive stages will allow you to become a manual tester, to master automated testing, mobile testing, to pull up English to work in IT and to get help in finding a job. Also here you can learn how to develop games and become a business analyst.
QA Core ⋅ QA Junior ⋅ QA Advanced ⋅ QA Java Automation ⋅ English for IT ⋅ QA HR Consulting ⋅ GameDev ⋅ Business Analysis ⋅ Databases/SQL
become a tester
QA Manual
QA Advanced tools for QA
QA Advanced Testing Tools is a simple and straightforward course that helps you learn the basic tools for modern QA. This is a solid groundwork for automation for a manual tester.
*Price for graduates of Telesens Academy - 1600 UAH.
Our courses for QA ⋅ QA Core ⋅ QA Junior ⋅ QA Advanced⋅ Databases & SQL ⋅ QA Java Auto⋅ English for IT ⋅
Course QA CORE
Course QA core is the intensive course, includining in yourself theory and basic practice. Prosses, documents, part in testing, trening of big count of reports and work with bug-tracker Jira, what to undestand what is the manual testing software.
QA Junior is represent practical course og tasting on desktop and web projects, which is muximal close to real working condition. QA Junior - the second stage education of testing and the good choice for those, who have already learned basics of QA. Finish this course with success, you will cope with a test task on job interview and have all chances to be a software tester. Our final tests are composed on basic of technical tasks, which is usually given at the job interviews in IT companies of Kharkiv and whole Ukraine. The most of out juniors after the successfully passing the course easy can perform the test tasks on job interview and get their first job in IT. On QA Junior course can be enrilled graduates of the QA Core course or anyone with basic practical knowledge of testing, who successfully passed the entrance online-test about the knowledge of theory ans basic practice and get minimum 65 points of 100. That pass the test, you should leave the course application, after that our manager will communicate with you and will sent you the test.
*Payment is possible monthly - the price is 2900 UAH per month.
QA courses - is the first courses in Kharkiv
we have been working since 2001
Loyalty of IT companies
IT companies of Kharkiv prefer our graduates
Experienced teachers
Are not just well up in QA, but also can teach, suitably combine theory and practice.
Educational projects for QA
Maximal close to real job condition in IT company
Our story
  • 2001
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
2001 The Education Centre was Founded 

Telesens IT Company founded an education centre Telesens Academy on the basis of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. The project was called Silicon Valley. During that time over 200 QA testers and database developers were trained.

2012 free QA Courses for Unemployed

Telesens Academy participated in a social experimental project together with the Kharkiv Regional  Employment Centre and organized a set of courses, helping the unemployed to start an IT career and gain basic knowledge to become QA testers.

2013 Entering the market of alternate education 
After the previous social project turned out to be successful, the need for QA testers  on the labour market has become obvious. The private IT education centre was in high demand, and  the first partner programmees with IT companies were launched. The after course employment reached up to 85%, with Telesens Academy being recommended by IT business as one of the industry leaders.
April  2013. First QA course started. 

The QA course encompasses basic theory and practice of software testing, enforced by our previous experience from the previous successful projects.  Having finished this course, the students became software testing specialists and could apply for a corresponding job.

August 2014. Launch of the QA English Course

With this course of technical English we enhance job opportunities of the future  IT specialists

October 2014. The Course QA Junior Starts

As the demands for QA specialists’ professional skills became higher, we launched a more complex practical course for our trainees. Having finished it successfully, the course leavers are able to pass an examination task at a job interview.  

September 2015  Online QA course starts

Regarding, that many people would like to complete our course programme, having no opportunity to study offline or come to Kharkiv, we launched an online QA Course. Now they can complete tasks and be mentored by our tutors  per Skype. 

February 2016 г. QA Automation Core Starts

Even more tests are being automated, that’s why manual testers, knowing basic automation instruments, have more job opportunities and perspectives. The QA Automation Course ensures a more comprehensive education for software testers.

March 2016 . TOP position among QA Schools in Kharkiv 

A media portal for developers  DOU ranked  Ukrainian IT schools. Telesens Academy scored the biggest number of QA course leavers in Kharkiv and was in the TOP 10 among all Ukrainian schools. It means a high demand for our education services and proves our strong reputation. 

May 2016. Soft Skills trainings started

Telesens Academy launched a pilot programmee for personal development and interpersonal communications. Our students and alumni gained an opportunity for additional  Soft Skills training, with the elements of psychology and sociology.  

July, 2017 QA Java Automation Course Started
July, 2017 QA Java Automation Course Started

This is an extended software testing automation course with the implementation of Java course. After this course people have profound knowledge and can create automated tests on Java themselves.

August 2017  Employment master-classes 
We help our alumni to find a job and can find them a mentor, who will teach them different lifehacks, how to enter an IT labour market
Our friends and partners
Our team
Алексей  — преподает QA с 2006 года в ВУЗе. В Телесенс Академии с 2012 года. За спиной огромный опыт участия в различных проектах IT компаний. Такой опыт позволяет Алексею грамотно и доходчиво объяснить теорию, подкрепляя примерами из практики. Владеет следующими технологиями и инструментами: .NET, C#, C++, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, VirtualBox, RSA, AES и другие. Имеет опыт тестирования мобильных приложений. Проводит  тренинги и консультации для IT компаний. Сфера интересов: преподавание, тестирование ПО, программирование, защита информации и операционные системы.
"Ну что, вперед! У нас много материала!"